Friday, April 8, 2011

Want Sexy Kardashian Eyes? Don't Forget About Your Bottom Lashes

Nothing spells sexy like lashes laced with mascara.

And if you're trying to create a super sexy eye like Kim Kardashian's signature look, then here's an important beauty tip to remember: Don't forget about your bottom lashes.

Take a look at this photo of the sultry reality television star, and notice her bottom lashes. They seem to go on forever.

We've read that Kim often wears false lashes for red carpet events and has a professional makeup artist carefully applying the faux lashes. If you desire those amazing Kardashian eyes but DON'T want to put on the fakes, you can still achieve her look, with lots of black mascara.

And there are so many mascaras out there. Of course, the big Hollywood cult-fave is Dior's Diorshow in black.

Dior has just taken their great mascara one step further by introducing their own new battery-operated rotating brush in Diorshow 360 Mascara ($36, at This new formula and beauty gadget creates more curl, length, and volume for lashes.

Kim K., herself, has often given mascara tutorials at her website:
..."Putting on mascara completes the look. I recently started to use M.A.C. Zoom mascara -- which is amazing! I take my time and put coat after coat. I love to layer mascaras so I will probably start with the M.A.C. Zoom and then put Lancome Hypnose on top.I always use a separater brush to separate my lashes. I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes."

By the way, curling lashes BEFORE applying mascara, is key for sexy eye fringe. Just doing that one small step, opens up the eyes dramatically.

Kevin Aucoin's makeup experts gave this special beauty secret for curling the bottom eyelashes:

"Turn (curler) upside down and curl bottom lashes downward. Trick of old movie stars from the 30's and 40's."

Okay, we have not quite mastered that final step. It's harder than it sounds. Perform at your own risk, ha ha.