Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why You Need +Repelle Salon Shield For At-Home Hair Color

If you've ever done at-home hair color, then you know what those ugly stains look like following the dyeing process.

Especially if you're just touching up roots by the ears and temple. And then you miss, and you've got a dark stain on your neck, even eyebrows, etc.

A friend told us about a great and gentle product called +Repelle. And what it does in its lip balm-type applicator is, "create an invisible barrier to protect skin from hair chemical stains, plus it contains Pretectin-22™ to ionically-repel many hair chemicals."

And +Repelle performs this color stain shield beautifully and keeps skin clean and soft. In addition---it's perfect for all hair and skin types, and according to the company, it's easy to use:

"Before applying hair chemicals, apply +Repelle™ as needed to skin along the hairline, neck, ears, sideburns, or eyebrows. Avoid getting product on hair. After hair treatment, wipe off dye excess and +Repelle as needed, leaving skin clean and moisturized."

We found some at Rite-Aid, and you can also pick it up at the Rite-Aid website, for $5.99.

Let's be honest, if you do any kind of at-home hair color or root touch-up, it can usually spell a messy affair. Application can be tricky, and even the pros slip up once in a while. If you hate the nasty color splotches left behind, +Repelle does a super job of keeping you clean and hair color stain-free. So it's worth a tube.

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Lauren said...

Brilliant, brilliant!! I do home hair colour every 4 - 6 weeks and i always make a mess of my neck. This is a great idea. Thanks for posting.

Lauren from ChickAdvisor