Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Get In Shape With Bare Feet And Beamfit

What if we told you, that all you need are your bare feet and a beam to get you in total shape. Would you believe us?

We dare you to : Balance. Engage. Align. And Move.

It's an amazing fitness product and program created by David Mesirow, an exercise expert. And it's called, Beamfit. And television's Martha Stewart and her crew are big beaming fans.
The beam measures 5 ft. in length and 6 in. in width. And the beam is lightweight and made of a nice, 'cushy' foam. Plus, you can tote it anywhere.

It's all about barefoot training, but as Beamfit president David Mesirow says, "This is not just a step on a beam."

And we believe, David, because we've been trying out Beamfit. And the unassuming piece of fitness equipment is so much more. You learn to listen to the inner you, and you learn to respect your core, while engaging in the fusion of Yoga and Pilates philosophies. You then find out, that simply putting one foot in front of the other, is more than just a matter of movement, David explains.

"The fact that no one has worked on a Beam before ( in the way we do at Beamfit) levels the playing field. Young, old, Fit, Fat , athlete or amature, EVERYONE has the same 1st experience because people have not worked on balance training in this way before. I have had skiers, tri-athletes, marathon runners, body builders , football and baseball players on the Beam as well as kids and 80 year olds. ALL experience the same thing YOU DID in the same way. The beauty is that EVERYONE is "learning" about their own strengths and weaknesses as well as imbalances at the same time in a class, yet it is a uniquely personal experience for each individual - thus the BEAM becomes a self awareness tool as well as a personal traininer who is constantly correcting your every move."

So, let's say we have about 20 lbs to lose. How does Beamfit help us reach our goal along with a diet?

1. YES you can burn calories while BEAMING so there is weight loss benefit. 2. More importantly, Beaming will teach a person how to better balance the weight of their body across the skeletal structure to reduce the propensity of pain (low back, hip, knee, ank etc.) When the weight is evenly distributed, there is minimal pressure on one joint or vertebra thus reducing "problems." 3.Another advantage to the woman who is over- weight and attempting to reduce, is the fact that when she improves her balance and posture, she will improve her "presence" - standing TALLER and with more confidence - this is also slimming!!! Stand TALL, engage your core, and walk with confidence = she is appearing SLIMMER and is "SLAMMIN"!! Add better fitting clothes, hair and mak- up and she looks BETTER as she is losing the weight......and if she only loses 12 of the 20 - it will appear as if she lost more.

Beamfit really makes sense, and David Mesirow is so right, in that this uncomplicated-looking piece of fitness equipment forces you to get in touch with your inner perspective. You are more aware of how you take each step. It's all about mind and body
And we love being in our bare feet. It feels so natural to work-out this way. You can Beamfit alone, in the privacy of your home, or you can take classes that use the Beamfit philosophy. You can add weights and aerobics, and so much more.

And yes, you'll even walker a lot taller and with more confidence. Beamfit is a solid piece of fitness equipment.

David has an excellent Beamfit website. Check it out here.


Mimi said...

Nice article. I BEAM, also.Women could really benefit by such a piece of gym equipment---helps your balance. I highly reccommend it!

Beamfit said...

Anyone can email me regarding Beaming at home or if interested in bringing Beaming to their studio or Gym

David Mesirow
President and Founder