Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Would You Undergo Laser Surgery To Stop Chronic Underarm Sweating?

Sweating is normal. That's how we cool down our bodies. But when your sweat glands are out of control, that's called hyperhidrosis. And now there's a newer, quicker way to stop excessive underarm sweating.

It's called, Axilase, a $3,000 procedure involving a laser that actually destroys the sweat glands. And it works, but would you try it?

So far, there is only one doctor located in New Jersey who is zapping folks' sweat glands, to cure this embarrassing condition of constant wet armpits.

Dr. Mitchell Chasin of Bridgewater has performed the minor surgery on 20 patients thus far. And says it is even better than Botox injections.

"It's performed in an office setting, takes about an hour to an hour and a half to perform. Patients are treated with local aesthetic, leave the office feeling perfectly well," Dr. Chasin told 'Good Morning America.', earlier today.

"With Botox, they're always wondering, you know, when is it going to wear off. Now we have an effective treatment that can be performed with minimal downtime," he added.

Destroying the sweat glands sounds wrong to us. But then again, if you have tried everything else, except surgery, and you're still sweating like crazy, then a few thousand dollars to stop sweating for good, might be your answer.

The laser procedure is safe, you're awake during the procedure, and you only need about 1-2 days of downtime.

Learn more about Axilase at Dr. Chasin's website.