Thursday, April 14, 2011

People's 'Most Beautiful' JLo: And Her Makeup Artist's Beauty Tip

People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful Woman' cover girl Jennifer Lopez is the most buzzed about girl on the planet these days.

Even host Ryan Seacrest was teasing JLo at last night's American Idol show about her recently crowned beauty status
We're pleased to see that the mag didn't choose a 20-something starlet as the most beautiful woman. At age 41, Jennifer Lopez proves that great bone structure along with a balanced lifestyle, including a sound diet and exercise plan, can do you good for decades.

Of course, the Latin beauty and mom of toddler twins, has a super makeup artist in Scott Barnes. He even chose her as his cover girl for his excellent makeup book, 'About Face.'
And if you take a look at JLo, you'll be drawn to those amazing high cheekbones. That is where the beauty magic zeros in. It's all about the bronzer. And this is what she said at his book party last year:
"Stay out of the sun! He really nailed into my head. Bronzer and self-tanners are so worth it. Stay out of the booth, girls! And boys!" Jennifer said. "He’s taught me so much about contouring… what should be highlighted and what should be left alone."

Scott Barnes loves to use bronzer and highlighter. And here is his great JLo bronzer beauty tip:

"In general, I try to abide by a less-is-more mentality: You can always layer more on but it’s harder to take it off. It’s really all in the approach, though. I always see women applying powders and bronzers starting next to their nose. But the trick is to work from the outside of the face inward, rather than the other way around. This creates a halo effect and leaves a diamond shape of light in the center so your face appears a little more open. This will hide double chins and give you a visible bone structure so you don’t wind up looking old. Also, use a bronzing brush to blend allover rather than applying product directly to problem areas like crow’s feet and laugh lines. And don’t forget to do your neck and d├ęcolletage."

Scott Barnes has his own makeup line of bronzers for face and body

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