Friday, May 13, 2011

Dr. Scholl's Foldable Fast Flats Perfect When 6-Inch Heels Give Out

If you've been to Bergdorf Goodman's heaven-on-earth Shoe Salon lately, then you know that sky-high heels are here to stay.....5-inch and 6-inch heels are hotter than ever. Just ask celebrity cutie Kelly Ripa who teeters on sexy, 6-inch stilettos almost daily on 'Regis and Kelly.'

Sure, the higher the heel, the slimmer and taller you appear. Your legs look dynamite, and even your posture and the way you walk all improve.

But there comes a time when your feet just can't take it anymore, at least for the day. And that's where a pair of comfy flats really soothes your aching feet.

We picked up a pair of Dr. Scholl's 'For Her Fast Flats' at the drugstore last summer, when they first appeared on store shelves. For about $10, you get these cute black ballet, foldable flats that come in a zippered, gold wristlet that you can pop into your purse. And when your toes are screaming for mercy, you just pop them on.

The fast flats are not the most glam thing you'll ever slip into, but they are stretchy and comfortable, and can go the distance when your sky-high stilettos cannot.

Hey, it's always wise to be prepared and these little foldable fast flats travel nicely and can always be used in a flash.

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