Monday, June 17, 2013

New Silicone Breast Implants FDA-Approved: For Ages 22 And Up

We like the name of these brand new adult breast implants:


Ha ha.

What makes MemoryShape unique?

According to the manufacturer, Mentor Worldwide LLC, it appears to be a safer silicone implant. In a news release, Mentor states that the breast implant has been "clinically studied among 955 augmentation and reconstruction patients participating in an ongoing 10-year study".... After 6 years, the study has found a low rate of "adverse events" including rupture.

We like that the implant is available in a range of sizes and tear-drop shaped to resemble the natural shape of a breast. Plus, more importantly--"to rebuild breast tissue (reconstruction) in women of any age."

"It's important to remember that breast implants are not lifetime devices. Women should fully understand the risks associated with breast implants before considering augmentation or reconstruction surgery, and they should recognize that long-term monitoring is essential," says Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health.
"The data we reviewed showed a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness," says Dr. Shuren. "We will be looking at the results from post-approval studies that will focus on the implants' long-term safety and effectiveness."

No real explanation yet on why MemoryShape silicone breast implants are ONLY for adult women.

We believe this is welcoming news. With brand new FDA-approval of MemoryShape, there are now 5 FDA-approved silicone gel-filled breast implant products available in the U.S. manufactured by 3 companies: Allergan, Mentor and Sientra.

The more choices open to women in all aspects of life, the better it is.