Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bellamy Young's Favorite First Lady Lip Color: Scandal, Of Course!

If you watch the hugely popular ABC hit series on Thursday evenings,  at 10PM, then you know television's star Bellamy Young. She, of course, plays Scandal's First Lady, Mellie Grant.

The 43-year-old brunette shares one of her beauty tips with Us Weekly magazine. And it all comes down to owning a great lip gloss.

Belamy's choice:

NARS Scandal lip gloss at ($25).

What's so incredible about the shade, Scandal?

It's simple:

"I was drawn to NARS' Scandal lip gloss. It's the most wearable color ever. Kismet!"

We like the color, Scandal, on the pretty Scandal star.

She wears it well!