Friday, November 1, 2013

Pam Anderson + Look-A-Like Kristin Chenoweth Get Matching Pretty Pixie Cuts

Out with the old hair extensions...In with the new, pretty pixie cuts, Pam and Kristin!!

Alright, we don't have proof that either blonde beauty had extensions BUT----the odds are, that there was at least a little faux hair sitting on their heads to give the look-a-like stars a mane with length + volume.

We do know that 46-year-old Pam Anderson is set to run the New York City marathon this Sunday morning, November 3rd. That's right--- a grueling 26.2 miles. Good for Pam! Maybe that's why she lopped off her hair, so she doesn't have to worry about sweating in long, thick extensions?

Pam has always been a blonde bombshell, and even with a boyish, pixie cut, we think she's never looked more feminine and youthful.

Looks very Mia Farrow, circa 1965, the famous Vidal Sassoon cut(below).
Then we have 45-year-old Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, who also just happened to lop off her hair, too, right AFTER Pam debuted her very cropped style.

We find that Kristin enjoys wearing a similar hairstyle to Pam's, so it's interesting that she followed suit. The two blonde women resemble each other somewhat.

We believe that it's Kristin trying to copy Pam's look. Kristin claims she lopped off her locks to get ready for a new movie role. Either way, she too looks fab in a pixie do. It's not an easy look to pull off.

To give your pixie cut some EXTRA va-va-va-voom, try a little KMS Hair Play Clay Crème ($14.40). This stuff creates a "strong roughed-up texture with a strong yet movable hold with a very matte finish."

Would you chop off your mane into a pretty pixie cut?