Friday, November 22, 2013

Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards Has One Beauty Tip For Amazing Hair

Beverly Hills Housewife and reality star Kyle Richards has very enviable hair. And as usual, women want to know if that is ALL her real hair?! Or are those very expensive hair extensions?

The gorgeous 44-year-old mom of 4 daughters has stated before, that those shiny, healthy brunette locks are definitely all her natural hair.

And we will take her at her word.

Let's face it.....Kyle has super long hair. Not every gal can pull that off. But that is her signature glam look, and that is one, healthy head of beautiful hair.

Two years ago, the Beverly Hills housewife claimed it was Pantene's shampoo + conditioners that gave her this glossy mane.

But now Kyle says it's hair supplements that are the key. And she carries them in her bag at ALL times, she tells US magazine:

"My Nourage hair-care vitamins are heavy, but I don't care! After I had my kids, my hair was breaking off, but these have made a huge difference."

We believe her. Hair pills CAN work.

Nourage supplements can help women going through various stages of life:

Weight Loss

Protein Deficiency

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