Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kate Looks Great With Fave, Cheap Drugstore, Brown Eyeshadow Quad

Most people admire blonde beauty Kate Upton for her sexy model curves.

But did you ever notice her pretty eyes?
Let's be honest, models have access to some of the most expensive + amazing cosmetics around.

But would you believe that the all-American beauty has been wearing the SAME brown eye shadow quad for almost 10 years now?!

OK magazine says that Kate has been addicted to ColorStay's Decadent 16-Hour Eye Shadow Quad since junior high.

"I always use Revlon eye shadow," the model says. "It's a brown 4-square palette compact that I've been using since the seventh grade."

We found Kate's great quad for just $7.99 at CVS.

As Cindy Crawford, another supermodel once suggested--- BROWN is your best makeup friend:

"It's less harsh than black, it goes with everything, and it's impossible to mess up. For day, I do variations of brown shadow, either matte or shimmer," Cindy said.

Then brown eye shadow is a no-brainer, ladies.


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