Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manicures 101: Lacquer VS. Polish--There Is A Difference

When writing about manicures + pedicures, we have often swapped the words 'lacquer' for 'polish.' But we have since learned, that "One of these two is not like the other."

Lacquer VS. Polish----There IS a difference. But does it matter which finish you choose for a great-looking mani?

Let's take a further look.

Nail professional Pattie Yankee gives these tips in the current issue of InStyle Beauty 2013:

Nail polish will always dry quicker. Polish is formulated with more solvents, the reason for the fast action.

Nail lacquer is an enamel. It contains more pigments. That allows for a smoother coverage, just at a slower rate.

So, we suppose it's really a matter of choice.

Try OPI Classic Nail Lacquer
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Or, try  Essie Nail Polish. This is also available at ULTA ($8.50).

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