Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can Castor Oil Really Help Your Brows And Lashes Grow Faster Naturally?

We ALWAYS talk about trying to grow thicker, fuller brows in a natural way.

Well, we have found yet another beauty tip for helping brows, plus lashes start sprouting like crazy. will take weeks for the results to show up, but this popular + exotic YouTube sensation swears this stuff works!!

Her name is Farah Dhukai. We just happened to stumble on to her YouTube site a few months ago. And we are now a big fan of this Indian beauty expert.

She is quite striking with glossy, long, dark hair + eyes. She is often asked about her ethnic background. Farah explains it like this:

"I get asked this all the time haha ok technically, I’m Indian. My parents and their parents and so on were all born and raised in East Africa. My mom’s side is from Tanzania and my dads side is from Uganda. If you go back in time then we originate from Kutch, India. So, I like to say I’m East African Indian."

To get killer brows + lashes, you will only need 2 things:

1. a bottle of cold-pressed castor oil.
2. a lash/brow comb
That's it....And, a bit of patience.

According to Farah, this is a beauty ritual to be done at nighttime before heading to sleep. She says that castor oil is an amazing, pure oil, full of  Vitamin E and other minerals that increase circulation to the hair follicles, stimulating healthy growth
Take a look at Farah's YouTube demo here.

We're trying Farah's Indian beauty secret, too!

Keeping our fingers crossed for good luck!