Saturday, November 16, 2013

Want Smaller Pores? Then Try This Facial Cleanser For Less Than $8!

We had recently run out of facial cleanser. It wasn't a fancy brand, but we were looking for the next cleanser to really improve our complexion. That's when we found Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser for LESS than $8.00!

And we're NEVER looking back. This stuff rocks!

This fresh-smelling cleanser is a GREAT one. It's supposed to help your pores look "visibly smaller week after week." That's because this pore refining formula is made with alpha and beta hydroxyl ingredients. The smooth cleanser feels heavenly on your face + neck, as it knocks away dead skin cells, brightening up skin tone and giving you a mini peel EACH time you use it.

We promise you, this is an effective skin care product. Plus it wears the well-respected Neutrogena label. And it fights acne + break-outs.

Honestly, for $7.49, we didn't think a cheap drugstore product could perform like this, but we were wrong. We have spent much more for facial cleansers in the past, that promised to do this or that, and did very little.

So, we are proud to name the brand, and this's Neutrogena. Try this. Your complexion will GLOW.

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leahM said...

Just what I'm looking for. Thanks! I will definitely buy this one,