Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hey, Willow Did It First: Now Mama Jada Gets Bizarre Undercut

We've talked a few times before about the undercut or the one-side shaved hairstyle that Hollywood refuses to let die.

And here's yet another take on the edgy, tough-gal look.

Mama Jada Pinkett Smith is rockin' a curious kind of severe undercut these days. Not many chicks could pull this off, but Jada, by golly, can wear it well.

Maybe Mama Jada took a beauty cue from daughter Willow, who sported her own undercut a few months ago.

Jada's sides are both shaved and highlighted in platinum.

The 42-year-old actress/singer showed off her unique look during the Make Equality Reality event at West Hollywood’s Montage Hotel last evening.

So, the question begs-----Is this too young a style for a woman in her 40s?

For what it's worth....Jada has amazing brows. Just perfect!

The undercut brings extra attention to the face, and her complexion + features look gorgeous.

What do you think?

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