Sunday, February 15, 2009

Even Eva Longoria Can Have A Less Than Perfect Hair Day

Okay, maybe we are really stretch-inggggg it when we say that beautiful actress Eva Longoria has a bad hair day every once in a while.

In the photo above, courtesy of, we think Eva Longoria Parker looks pretty darn hot. (We love reading Louis Licari's blog at!)
But apparently, not everyone thought the hairstyle she pulled off for the SAG Awards show last month was all that. And time is nearing for the biggest night of makeup and hairstyles:
The 2009 Academy Awards Show next Sunday, February 22nd.

According to one of our favorite Hair know-it-alls, and he really does know hair, Louis Licari details the problems with Eva Longoria's hair:

"The first woman I noticed was Eva Longoria Parker. She had her hair highlighted since we saw her last at the Globes. I think it would have looked prettier if she had just softened the color with a single process. Her highlights looked brassy and it made her skin appear a bit sallow.

TIP: To look your best, make sure your hair color always provides contrast with your complexion."

We are curious to see how Hollywood's finest beauties will walk down the red carpet next Sunday. Will makeup be soft? Or will strong red lips match the red carpet?! And will the easy, carefree bob haircut rule the night?

Louis Licari says that wavy bobs, like the sexy style worn by Anne Hathaway, at the recent SAG Awards, are very popular with the Hollywood crowd.

There's just one tiny faux pas, Ms. Hathaway made, according to our hair genius:

"Next I noticed Anne Hathaway. Her color looked beautiful, but her wavy bob had lost its oomph. As the evening progressed, her hair became straighter and straighter. I think she was trying to keep it loose and modern, but the style fell apart.

TIP: Using the right strength hair product will maintain your hairstyle without making it look forced into place."

It's going to be an exciting night for the 2009 Academy Awards Show next Sunday. We will be watching.

Looking more polished is the biggest trend of the new year, says Louis Licari. Let's hope the most important Hollywood night of the year does not disappoint.

We're looking for the 'glam-slam.'


skylite3b said...

LUV Longoria but this do looks too prom-ish. EW-WWWW! I don't get what the stylist sees bad in her highlights-I like them.

Rose :D said...

Anne Hathaway's hair looks Adorrrableeee. It is Artsy, and Sexy, and Amazing. I love it.

Paulina said...

I totally agree. Anne Hathaway's hair does look so adorable. I luv Louie Licari but I think he's wrong here.