Friday, February 20, 2009

Appetite Suppressing Lip Plumping Gloss Made With Hoodia

Huge lips...Skinny hips?!

Oh, yeah. That is actually the name of a new appetite-suppressing lip plumping gloss made with hoodia.

Purple Lab, based in New York City, has developed the unique, in 6-yummy flavors lipgloss with Karen Robinovitz, the brilliant mind behind the Hoodia-infused beauty product. Karen is a NY journalist.

Huge Lips Skinny Hips--- $20 for a luscious tube. The smart glosses will be launching come March 1st on the Space NK website, a British luxury beauty shop.
We're told the glosses all taste like candy. They range in shade from clear to a strong and daring red, with tongue-in-cheek names:

Red Sole Worship
Kate Kitty
Lychee Martini
Love Your Thighs
No Panty Lines

So do these glosses really stop you from eating? And do they really fatten up your lips?
First of all, hoodia (actually Hoodia gordonii extract), is found in nature from cactus-like plants growing in Nambia and South Africa. The plant extract contains special appetite suppressing elements to it.

This gloss is formulated with 10% hoodia. Hoodia is unique in that it fools the brain into thinking it has already eaten. So all you do when wearing it, is smack your lips, baby:

Once the gloss is applied, you merely run your tongue on the lips whenever you feel hungry. In a few seconds, the feeling of hunger will disappear almost completely. Almost.

Well, we're trying to believe this. As far as the Lisa Rinna lips, okay, that's not the effect you will see, but, there are good ingredients found in this Huge Lips Skinny Hips tube of gloss.

And Purple Lab claims their shiny lip color delivers big in a gentle way:
Because it contains vitamin B3, the gloss “stimulate[s] blood flow to the lip surface, diminish[es] the appearance of unsightly wrinkles around the mouth and create[s] a plumping effect without stinging or burning.” the manufacturers say.

If anything, we believe this is a very clever beauty marketing tool. And Karen Robinovitz is a smart cookie. As women, we are all looking for the beauty quick fix. So, bigger lips and skinnier bodies at the same time, sure sounds ideal.

We'll keep our eyes on this little number.


Gplr32 said...

simply B.S.!!! on the crap scale, this scores a biggie.
don't eat girlfriends!
a lip gloss with a miniscule amount of hoodia ain't gonna do, you know what!!!!!!

karen said...

Hi. Just want to first say thank you for covering the product - Huge Lips Skinny Hips is my baby. And I would love to address GPlr32... this product is not making the claim that you will stop eating, but it certainly acts as a helpful reminder to eat more mindfully and it's a fab gloss and plumper with chic color. It is a fun, fierce product - I'm not trying to change the world with science but add some glamorous playfulness in our beauty routines!

Purple Lab Creatrix

J. Tania said...

Hi Karen:

As creator of this unique lipgloss/plumper, we say---congratulations! And thanks for dropping by.

It sounds like a fun product to get our lips on. Good for you!!

betsybear said...

Cannot wait to try this GLOSS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review.

My personal fave is this one:

I love how it is so gentle on my lips, and it works too!