Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Get Shiny Hair In A Bottle The Citre Way

We talk a lot here about hair.

When you see a beautiful head of shiny tresses, it makes you wonder. Was she born with such shiny hair? Or is she spraying on something that gives it such a glossy high-wattage brilliance?!

With all the abuse we do to our many, many strands of hair, it's a wonder that we have any left on our heads. Think about it--shampooing every day in the shower for many of us. Blowdrying, day after day after day. Heading out into the harsh elements of blazing days in the sun. Dry, brittle cold nights of winter. Pollution. Smog. Constant coloring and perming and straightening.

The makers of Citre hair products have a new kid on the block, and it's a keeper:

Citre Shine Color Prism Thermo Defense Shine Glaze ($5.99, at a drugstore near you).

That's quite a mouthful. But the product rocks!!

"This Multi - Reflective Thermo Defense Shine Glaze will protect all colored hair from the drying, damaging effects of heat styling. This thermo active formula enriched with citrus waxes shields your hair creating resistance to damage from heat styling, leaving hair protected, healthy and full of multi - dimensional shine."

What we find refreshing about this Citre Shine Glaze is its gentleness to colored hair. But most importantly, its texture. You merely spritz it on to towel-dried hair, and then blowdry. Or you can add it as a finishing touch to dry hair.

The serum is wonderful. It doesn't give you a head of the 'greasies.' And we all know that can happen when you over-dose on the typical shine serums.

It's all in the science of the citrus waxes. According to the Citre company, these waxes are "naturally prismatic as they create an invisa - shield around the hair shaft, adding multi - dimensional highlights while helping to protect and prolong color vibrancy."

Shine on, ladies. At $5.99 a bottle, this stuff goes a long way.

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