Monday, February 2, 2009

Hematite From Magma Rock Rejuvenates Mature Skin

You can even find hematite on planet Mars! Go figure.

Not exactly science fiction, but we have to love the beauty technology that develops each passing day.

Maybe you have already read about hematite extract, an iron oxide, and how it can bring back the resiliency and tone to mature skin. Hematite, when extracted properly and formulated into a skin care treatment, is able to slo-wwww down the aging process. There is something in this energy from the earth, that can re-activate pro-collagen synthesis.

Collagen gives our skin suppleness and elasticity. And as we get older, collagen production is on the wane.

Obtaining and then mixing hematite mineral complex into a beauty formula probably isn't easy. That's why you will notice this little gem of a rock is not cheap. But here are 2 fine hematite extract serums for you to try:

1. PurMinerals 'While You Were Out' ($49.50, A 2-step anti-aging kit that rejuvenates and repairs skin while you are fast asleep. Includes an evening peel and recovery duo. The hematite extract helps firm the skin, and the formula helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

2. Bieux Skin BioNaturals Regimen Introduction Kit ($115, This 3-piece collection includes a power lift and repair serum. 24-hour treatment moisturizer. advanced eye treatment cream. Again, the emphasis is on tightening and improving the skin. What you get back is a radiant complexion.


Anonymous said...

Litya have a brilliant elixer with hematite .go as natural as possible. i am a mature person and results are great.Reasonable price for my benafits.

Anonymous said...

I've found an amazing product, Collagen III Booster by RegimA, that contains hematite. I bought it for my mature mother and since using it her skin is looking fantastic - its taken years of her appearance!