Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How To Care For Your Over-processed Over-blown Fried Hair

Dear Drew Barrymore:
Please forgive us for using your photo as an example of over-processed, over-blown, fried hair. Actually, we think you are quite pretty and look very Marilyn Monroe here, at the recent Golden Globes awards show.


We adore talented actress Drew Barrymore. Her newly blonded hair? Well, a number of stylists were quite critical of the shape her processed locks were in. Some were using words like: straw. fried. damaged. brittle. bird's nest. You get the picture.
We have all suffered from some form of damaged hair. It can come about from bleaching the daylights out of dark hair. Or from perming and then coloring over. From too much blow-drying. From chlorinated pools. Brushing through wet hair over and over again. And so on.

Fried hair. No shine. Dull. So what's a gal to do?

Hair experts always say the best, instant remedy----a cut! Yes, we're talking scissors here. Sometimes you just can't salvage an overly-processed head of hair. You might have to lose a few inches.

And then, to nurse your locks back to good health, you must follow some basic steps. And we learned ours from the King of Color, Louis Licari, the legendary celebrity stylist. We have read a couple of his books, and trust us, he knows hair very well.

Louis Licari recently told Vogue Magazine, that you can manage your over-processed, over-blown, fried hair at home. It all begins with washing your hair. And most of us don't do it right.

"Women use too much shampoo. Wash with conditioner every other time."

Sounds too simple, but Louis is the master.

You can color your hair. But try and stay away from ammonia. Buy gentler products like Clairol's Perfect 10, which will cover grays and be kinder to your roots.

You can blow-dry and/or flat-iron your tresses. But look for ionic styling machines that deliver less damage to hair. And please, do not brush through wet hair. Use a big-toothed comb.

Sensible hair tips from a smart hair guy. Thanks, Louis.

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