Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Lady Style Shows Off Beautiful Toned Bare Arms

First Lady Michelle Obama is showing off some beautifully toned, bare arms these days. Just look at her official White House Portrait.

Mrs. Obama knows her arms look great, and she's not afraid to go sleeveless at most W.H. events these days.

Now there are some of you who believe the First Lady should be more modest, and cover up. But let's look back to the days of Camelot, when our other lovely First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, chose to bare her slender, toned arms in the White House and at many presidential events.

Sculpted, bare arms are back in vogue now, thanks in part to the signature style Michelle Obama is presenting to the world. Even clothing catalogue Spiegel is featuring a First Lady Of Style section at its website. "Get the look for less at Spiegel."

That also means, it's time to get your arms, and that little jiggle underneath to all firm up, ladies!

Jumping rope is a super fat burner, and a simple way to tone up those arms. You can also add small hand weights, little dumbbells of 3-5 lbs. each, to really sculpt those stubborn triceps muscles. Blast away that 'dingle-dangle' underarm jiggle.

Don't be afraid to bare, ladies!

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