Friday, February 27, 2009

Sandy Linter's Easy Makeup Tips For Looking Lovely In Your 50s

We have written a number of articles regarding makeup tips from the cool chick legend herself--Sandy Linter. The New York City-based professional makeup artist has seen many gorgeous, famous women and enhanced their beauty to higher levels with her superb talent.

Women like Christie Brinkley (pictured above), Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Longoria, and the celebrity list goes on and on.

Today, Sandy Linter gives us some easy, breezy makeup tips for looking lovely in your 50s:

Sandy gave her tips to People Magazine, and now we want to share them with you.

1. DO Go For The Glow!!!
Sandy says that a deeper foundation color and blush "warm up the skin and make you look younger."

2. DO Wear Natural Eye Makeup
Sandy advises that you keep eyes fresh-looking with brown eyeliner, instead of black, And don't overdose on the mascara. Don't go more than one or two coats.

3. DON'T Stop Wearing Makeup
Sandy says we all could benefit by putting on a little glamour. "A lot of women have it drilled into them, that less is more, but no! You still need makeup, just with a lighter touch."

4. DON'T Powder Your Cheeks
Sandy says you don't need to go there, or it can look weird. "It makes you look like you're wearing a mask."

Here's a beauty item Christie Brinkley likes using in her makeup repertoire:
Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor in Always Rosy ($9.50, drugstores). Christie, at a stunning 55-years-young, is a longtime spokesperson for Cover Girl.


Beauty and Care said...

But don't you think powdering of cheeks would actually hide the wrinkles that may appear due to age?

J. Tania said...

Good question. I wrestle with this one a lot. If you have oily skin like I do, then a little powder can set your makeup and help foundation and blush stay put and last longer.

I think Sandy means that powder can settle into little lines and wrinkles and then make skin look drier and wrinkles deeper.

Sandy scolded me in several interviews ago, after I told her I skipped the blush most times, and just put on foundation, because my cheekbones are quite high.

But Sandy linter says, BLUSH is the most important makeup item, because it bringths warmth to the face and sets off your bone structure nicely.

Hey, I learn here every day like most women. Wish I had a professional makeup artist to do my face up once in a while. sigh.