Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sophia Loren Still Dazzling At 2009 Academy Awards

Today, we are paying homage to the legend herself, Sophia Loren.

At Sunday evening's 2009 Academy Awards Show, the still sexy and beguiling beauty graced audiences worldwide at the presentation of the Best Actress award.

At age 74, we must say, Sophia Loren is still quite beautiful and curvaceous in her flowing, frilly gold gown. Her posture, still regal. And her trademark cat eyes and strong mouth continue to dazzle us all.

What's the beauty tip today, you ask?

If you look at our website header above (where you see website title/graphics), you see an earlier photo of the legendary screen actress herself. We chose Academy Award winner Sophia Loren as our permanent 'cover girl' because she epitomizes elegance and beauty, but in such an individual way.

She does not resemble everyone else. And often times, young girls growing up, are forced to look at a limited number of beautiful people. Models selling an image of fair skin, light eyes, light hair, small nose, very skinny, and 5'10". In other words, women are told to look like this or like that. Everything else is wrong, or not considered beautiful.

We like to believe that there are all kinds of beauty in this world. There is not just one type for all people.

In other words:

"There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting." ----John Kenneth Galbraith..."

We are fascinated by Sophia Loren's exquisite bone structure. She is someone you must look at. And yet, her nose is more generous than most. Her eyes are quite stunning. Her eyebrow bone is very high. Her mouth is large. She is a beauty who breaks the mold. And that is precisely why we love the image of Sophia Loren.

We salute you, Sophia Loren. A true legend in all respects.


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Sophia is lovely.

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God Bless her, a strong, beautiful, classy, hard working diva. Still graceful at age 72!

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I'm 16 and I'd bone the shit out of her