Friday, February 13, 2009

To Peel Or Not To Peel For Softer Younger Skin

For us, this is a no-brainer.

Yes. We should all peel. Chemical peel, that is. Unless of course, you have the most amazing, soft, and clear skin around.

A chemical peel does not peel away your skin. However, it sometimes feels that way, because the peels themselves, can be quite strong and stinging to the skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, in the same way you would apply a toner.

A peel actually dissolves the upper layers of the skin, to make way for new skin tissue to form. Peels are applied to the face, neck, or hands. You are dissolving dead skin cells, exfoliating, and in the end, rejuvenating the skin.

The benefits of a chemical peel are several:

1. Brighter skin tone
2. Softer skin

3. Cleaner pores
4. Tighter skin
5. Fine lines and wrinkles become less pronounced
6. General re-surfacing of the skin

You can do at-home peels, but you must follow directions exactly, because you can burn your skin. It's best to have a chemical peel done at the dermatologist's office first, to experience this bizarre-feeling skin procedure. And then you can learn to do peels at home for a much cheaper price.

Chemical peels come in different solution strengths. And there are several types of peels. The most popular being glycolic acid peels, TCA peels, lactic acid peels, phenol peels, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels.

We recommend these 2 websites for chemical peel products and information:



We have a friend who told us about a friend of hers at work, who was constantly getting chemical peels. Our friend told us, that she didn't notice anything different about her co-worker's skin, except to say, that the woman always had a beautiful complexion to begin with.

Maybe that's why the woman's skin looked so glowing and healthy. Chemical peels are subtle beauty boosters. Peels do not replace face lifts, but these chemical solutions do play an important role in getting rid of old, dead skin cells. And in time, fine lines and wrinkles do not appear to be so deep, large pores are cleaned out and shrink a bit, acne disappears, and there is that soft, youthful glow.

Give your skin time, ladies. Chemical peels do work. Patience is required.


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