Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tired Peepers Need Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On Instantly

When you are tired, your eyes tell the story. There's no escaping it.

Whether it's from a long night out on the town. Or staring into a computer for hours on end. Crying. Smoking. Stressing out. Or fine lines and puffiness spoiling your peepers. Your eyes need help.

And dermatologists love this new beauty gadget.

Alright, we have to say it isn't cheap ($58, Unless you can already afford stores like Bendels that carry this cool and refreshing eye treatment. But what we find intriguing about this cute, blue rollerball for the eyes, is it's scientific approach.

The Inka Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On features 3 Inox Triballs to massage while applying. So you are actually getting a mini-eyelift as you refresh your tired eyes.

This unique formula is swiss glacial eye gel. Read more from the Pearl Ice website:

Pearl Eyes by inka® Gel is composed of Swiss glacial waters of the Diablerets in the Swiss Pre-Alps. These products bring the purity of nature's most precious ingredients. Swiss Glacial Waters are pure and contain Botanical Extracts from Alpine flowers which give additional activity to gel. Pearl Eyes by inka® Gel contains plant extracts for optimal effect.

The genius creator of this eye refresher is a German model named Inka. And model friends like Heidi Klum love the instant fix that Pearl Eyes delivers.

And why not?! This unique and cooling eye gel can get rid of redness, dark circles, and even nicely disguise fine lines and crow's feet.

The Eye Gel rejuvenates and penetrates into the skin applying over and under make-up. The Swiss Glacial Gel can be applied several times during the day and evening.

Now they'll never learn where you've been all night long. Ha!

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