Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dr 90210 Making Women Beautiful With New Skin Line

Dr. Robert Rey. You sure are handsome. And you try to make women more beautiful, so we can't find too much wrong with you.

The most popular plastic surgeon on E!'s Dr. 90210 reality television show, has the world of beauty buzzing with his new skin care line for women:

Dr. Robert Rey Sensual Solutions.

"The only skincare approach to ageless, timeless beauty for women who want doctor's office results with no appointment necessary."

Alright. We like the concept behind this skin care line: No needles. No scalpel. No downtime.

But ladies, let us remind you. This is a hot plastic surgeon, known for his minimal scar surgeries, with a practice located in gorgeous Beverly Hills. These aren't cheap beauty treatments from the Harvard Medical School trained Dr. Rey.

The prices are steep, especially if you are pinching pennies like most of us these days. But the Brazilian doctor has put together some very effective skin care products.

Nordstrom's is offering an exclusive starter kit from Dr. Robert Rey's Sensual Solutions line. It's cleverly called---'Let Me Introduce You' Starter Kit ($150, at nordstrom's fine dept. stores).

Before you pooh-pooh the cost, let's take a look at the variety you will be getting:

Set includes Body Liftox™ Anti-Aging Body Lift Cream with AActive6-Exotics™ (1.7 oz.)
Face Up to It™ Gentle Oxygenating Cleanser with AActive6-Exotics™ (1.5 oz.)
Eye Full™ Contouring Wrinkle Filler with AActive6-Exotics™ (0.25 oz.)
From Your Lips™ Instant Lip Plumper with AActive6-Exotics™ (0.03 oz.)
and Inhibitox™ Instant Wrinkle Erase with AActive6-Exotics™ (0.5 oz.).

Curious about the AActive6-Exotics ingredient? According to Dr. Robert Rey, this formulation is in his beauty treatments because of it's strength in fighting wrinkles. This 'exotics complex' is made up of "six potent natural anti-aging ingredients from the Brazilian rain forest."

Come on, we believe Dr. 90210's Robert Rey. He seems so sincere. We are giving his new skin care line the green light!


Anonymous said...

BTW I have these products and they rock!!!!! I think I read that he is going to do a less expensive line as well at some point. I can't wait! But you need to try these products. You see results right away!

Anonymous said...

I love Dr. Rey's skin care products, you see the results right away! I'm a fan. What's next?

J. Tania said...

Well, thank you for dropping by.

I am certain that Dr. Rey would not put his money into lousy beauty treatments.

So if you say his products are wonderful, I believe you. I am going to dig a little further. Maybe we can hook up an interview with the fine doctor.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if men can use this products, I would like to get this for my Husband.