Monday, May 11, 2009

Carol Alt Keeping It Raw And Natural With New Skin Care Line

Model Carol Alt has had quite a successful career--- on magazine covers, in movies, on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice show, as a published author, and the list goes on.

And now the beautiful brunette has a new skin care line, and it's all raw!

Carol Alt has been enjoying the healthy benefits of eating raw foods for quite some time now, and it just made sense, to extend that pure goodness to the products one uses on their face and body. That means:

100% raw active, natural and completely synthetic-free ingredients. That means no parabens, P.E.G.s, or lauryl sulfates. In fact, RAW ESSENTIALS is the only product line sold in the United States that is certified raw.

Carol Alt explains the value of raw skin care at her website,

“Since the raw movement is relatively new, it was virtually impossible to find a cosmetics company with a truly pure line that I, myself, would feel safe using. My guidelines and demands on this subject are so stringent, and I am not willing to compromise on them, that it made it very difficult for any company to be able to afford to work with me. You have to understand that it is very expensive to use raw ingredients in anything. When I say ‘raw’, I mean as found in nature - unadulterated, unheated ingredients. That is basically why I had to create my own products, which has taken me quite a while to accomplish..."

Carol is very serious about the true ingredients found in her new skin care line.

“You know…I simply cannot imagine that putting something synthetic on your skin can possibly improve it. All you have to do is look around. No matter how much expensive goop people put on their faces, are they looking younger? No! Not at all. If all of the synthetic products really worked, would we need botox and plastic surgery to the degree they’re now being used? Think about it…!”

The HSN shopping website features a number of Carol Alt's Raw Essentials collection.

We recommend the RAW Essentials by Carol Alt Raw-gime 5-piece Face Kit
Item: 396-475. It sells for $68.50. Retail price: $103.25.

The kit includes:
4 oz. RAW Essentials Raw-covery Facial Revive Wash.
1.7 oz. RAW Essentials Raw-activate Daily Revitalizing Moisturizer.
.5 oz. RAW Essentials Raw-juvenate Eye Recoup.
4 oz. RAW Essentials Raw-fresh Facial Toner.
2 oz. RAW Essentials Raw-finish Rigorous Face Scrub.

Made in USA.

And by looking at the customer reviews, it's an excellent skin care introductory set. Sensitive skin will appreciate this line, and those with rosacea, have found Carol's products soothing and effective at toning down the redness.

Check out her Raw Essentials here:!6360&ccm=bs6360

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