Friday, May 29, 2009

Health Beauty Benefits Abound In Red Raspberries

It's actually in the seeds of red raspberries, where all the magic is hiding.

Magic in the form of ellagitannins, or very powerful anti-oxidants.

These ellagitannins are then converted into ellagic acid in the stomach.

And science is proving that this lovely, little fruit is full of health + beauty benefits.

We were lucky to interview Kent Kohnken, the president and CEO of SMDI, the Georgia-based company that sells the popular Raspex Cosmeceutical line. And we got to sample and closely examine a few of his skin care treatments.

Kent Kohnken would be the first person to suggest you eat a cup full of red raspberries a day, and preferrably from the Meeker variety, because this variety contains almost twice the amount of ellagitannins than the others.

The only problem with eating so many raspberries, is the cost, which could run up to $300 a month.

Kent Kohnken can personally tell you that red raspberries have proven to be quite a remarkable cancer fighter:

"I have been using Raspex capsules for almost 8 years. In 2001, I had prostate cancer, had my prostate removed, had the cancer spread beyond the prostate, and had 38 radiation treatments. I researched cancer since I was determined that I would offer an alternative to what I went through. I discovered ellagitannins and the tremendous value of Meeker red raspberries and developed the Raspex Powder, Raspex Capsules, and the Raspex Skin Cream, and other cosmeceuticals. Since 2002, my PSA has remained at zero. Almost every day, I hear of prostate cancer, as well as breast, esophageal, skin, colon, and other cancers being controlled by customers using the Rapsex powder, capsules, and creams."

One of the most popular Raspex products is the Raspex Meeker Raspberry Extract Skin Gel ($24.95, 2 oz. jar). Ladies, if there is one beauty + health treatment which covers all of the bases, this is it. And the gel/cream formula is gentle enough to be used around the eyes.

A little will go a long way, too. And just take a look at what this special raspberry gel/cream can do:

Helps remove skin cancer and pre-cancer
Reduces 'black and blue bruising'

Repairs sun damage
Has a 30 SPF

Heals sunburn quickly
Boosts skin's immune system
Maintain skin's suppleness
Improves fine capillary blood flow

Reduces wrinkles
Improves rosacea

Reduces scarring, moles, age spots

Other products from the Raspex cosmeceutical line include:
Emollient Facial Cleanser
Anti-Aging Night Cream
Vitamin C Serum
Analgesic Burn Cream
'Hot Raspberry Pie' Foot Cream
Progesterone Cream
Burn Ointment
Muscadine Grape/Meeker Raspberry Extract
In addition to Raspex Meeker Powder and Meeker Capsules

You can find all these health + beauty items at their website, Free shipping, too, which is always nice, especially these days.

And Kent Kohnken says that many women and men are convinced his products are really improving their skin:

"Our customers confirm that our Rapsex products are more effective than high end department store anti-aging products. In many cases, our customers have replaced their entire cosmetics case with just the Raspex skin gel/cream and the Raspex anti-aging night cream."

And all that, from a humble, delicious, little red raspberry.

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bobbij, houston said...

excellent story! had no idea red rasberries were that healthy for your skin.will try that Raspex.