Monday, May 18, 2009

Want Big, Full Angelina Jolie Lips? Apply This And Grow!

Big, full Angelina Jolie lips. Sure, those lips are sexy. Are they 100% natural? Who knows.

We'd all be fools if we said we didn't want at least plumper lips than we have at the moment. And yet, how do we achieve them without the sharp pain from a collagen-filled needle?

Hmmm. That's the question: Is there a way to achieve bigger, fuller lips the natural way?

The makers of Cushy Lips, say, yes, you can!!

We haven't tried the product yet, but we are intrigued. The price isn't that bad, either, $19.95 for a full month's supply. Plus there is a 100% money back guarantee.

If you've tried lip plumpers, there are probably a gazillion on the market and many are highly priced. Some work well. Others do not and merely sting your lips with some bizarre synthetic formula. Others dry out your lips making them feel very uncomfortable.

What's so special about Cushy Lips?

According to the information we found, the product is made with natural ingredients. And what you get is a lip plumper and lip gloss-all-in-one.

The formula is safe and easily absorbable. It includes macadamia oil, castor oil, menthol, and vitamin E. Cushy Lips is a product that moisturizes and leaves lips very soft.

We learned more from writer Blake Allen

"CushyLips will give both an immediate and lasting plumping effect to the lips. Women should use this lip plumper twice a day for maximum results, applying the lip-plumper first and then the lip gloss for added moisture and color. Within several weeks, they usually see an average increase of 1-3 mm to their lips. Another benefit to using CushyLips is that the plumper's increase of blood flow causes lips to appear pinker. With continued use, lips may appear so pink that women decide to discard their lipsticks."

We're not promising you huge lips, and we can't exactly give you 100% Angelina Jolie lips, but the product appears to give you fuller lips in a natural way. So it seems like a simpler, safer way to achieve a sexier set of lips.

For more information on Cushy Lips, visit their website:


Anonymous said...

Tania-Im gonna trust u w/ this one. It better work. I burned my lips last week on some cheap damn Wet'nWild lip plumper. It stung like hell.

suesie said...

I'd rather try this stuff then end up with Lisa Rinna's lips. She now admits to having collagen injections and she's got lots of scar tissue in her lips now which is pretty gross.