Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How To Quickly Tighten Sagging Neck With 3-Step Routine

The neck is a delicate area of skin. It receives its share of sun damage through the years. And it can show quite a bit of aging in the way of loose skin, neck creases, and general sagging.

The neck needs lots of tender loving care, and many of us ignore this region to concentrate on our faces. And that is where we lose the ball. In other words, we should all develop a neck skin care routine when we are young. Yes, in your 20s would be a good time to begin. And even if you are in your 70s, it is never too late to stop further damage from the sun, or just general aging.

So we are suggesting a simple and effective 3-step routine for the neck. Just 3 products, used daily, can help tighten this beautiful area of your body. And the experts at SkinBiology.com can help you get there.

Dr. Loren Pickart, a skin pioneer and biochemist, has developed these wonderful beauty products that are available at his website, http://www.skinbiology.com/. And he assures you, that you can smooth and tighten your neck.

1. Super GHK Copper Cream or Copper Peptide Serum ($33.95).
Apply a light amount to the neck skin in the morning.
2. Emu Oil S ($29.95).
Apply a thin layer on top of the copper peptides for moisture and a tightening effect

3. Exfol Cream ($14.95)
Apply the exfoliator at night.
As Dr. Pickart explains at his website, this small 3-step routine:

"Smooth and tighten neck skin while diminishing creases with the use of strong skin remodeling copper peptide products, such as CP Serum, TriReduction Cream, or Protect & Restore BND Cream.
It is also important to follow up with the consistent use of a reasonably strong hydroxy acid, such as Exfol Cream or LacSal Cream, for exfoliation.
Copper peptides help trigger the signal for repair in the skin which makes our products especially successful for reducing hyperpigmented neck lines or neck creases, tightening sagging neck skin, and improving overall elasticity in this very important, delicate skin area. Those with sensitive skin should always start off with Super GHK-Copper Cream first."

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