Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinted Color Metal Shades Summer 2009--Instant Glam

Think metal and tinted-color lenses, when it somes to sunglasses this summer 2009.

And if you can't afford the $500 Chanel pair that Lindsay Lohan is sporting above, you know, the gorgeous shades with leather woven right into the lenses, that's okay, too.

There are tons of beautiful tinted-color lenses available. From shades of purple, pink, rose,and blue, to your old classic stand-by of browns and grays.

The prices range, as all sunglasses do, from super-cheap to the $500 plus tags on Chanels and Diors.

Most of us are trying to save a buck or two these days, so if you're looking for a deal and some instant-glam, try these 3 stylish brands for tinted-color metal sunglasses:

1. Mossimo for Target ($17,

2. Fantas-Eyes ($20, photo#2,

3. Club Monaco ($79, aviators, at hut stores)

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