Sunday, May 3, 2009

Move Over Green Tea: White Tea Can Make You Skinnier

Have you heard of white tea?

If you haven't, don't feel bad. There's been so much talk about the wonderful benefits of green tea for the past few years. Green tea had taken over as the beverage darling. But wait......drinking white tea has even greater anti-oxidants and can keep you skinnier.

And some new, encouraging research on white tea may make you forget all about the green.

So let's take a closer look at this no-calorie, healthy beverage.

We have just learned that there are compounds in white tea that are capable of breaking down fat cells and preventing new ones from developing. That is what German scientists said last Thursday.

Wow! That's a dieter's breakthrough.

"We've shown that white tea may be an ideal natural source of slimming substances," Marc Winnefeld says. And he led the team of researchers.

What we really like about white tea is its non-staining ingredients. Sure, white tea contains tannic acid, which can discolor teeth. But white tea is a very clear liquid, like white wine, and contains much lower amounts of tannic acid. So no worry there.

If you really want to take off the pounds, you should start drinking white tea:

1. White tea is a fat-buster. This tea has zero calories. So that means the body has to work harder to digest and metabolize it. So your body is expending more energy.

2. White tea has less caffeine. Also a great feature. You won't get the jitters, and you can enjoy cup after cup, all day. This in turn burns more fat, because if you keep your caffeine level up all day, experts say the body burns calories evenly for hours.

3. White tea takes away your sweet tooth cravings. This unique beverage acts like a natural appetite suppresant for a couple of hours after you drink it.

4. White tastes better than green tea. Of course, that's really a matter of opinion. But white tea has a lighter taste than most teas. Some describe it as similar to the fresh jasmine tea. Whereas green tea can have a grassy sort of taste.

5. White tea is full of healthy things. Like green tea, white tea undergoes very little processing and no fermentation. White tea is the first tea to be harvested in the spring. That means this tea is able to keep its nutrients in tact. And white tea is said to contain the most anti-oxidants, 3x greater than green tea. And scientists say white tea may help prevent cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

Hey, drinking white tea can't hurt. And if you're really concerned about staying skinny, why not try a cup?


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