Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do Push-Ups And Get Rockin' Body Like Gwen Stefani

We're here to say, that working out gets results. And if there's one exercise that can reap you many benefits, it's the humble push-up. No equipment required.

Look at lean and mean, no-belly, flaxen-haired Gwen Stefani.

Need we say more?!

The 39-year-old mother of two, was jumping and bouncing all over the American Idol stage last night, in a performance of 'Just a Girl' with band No Doubt. With a lime green bra, whose straps were peeking out of her white tank, Gwen Stefani went on to amaze the audience with 5 push-ups behind the Idol judges' chairs.

Check out Gwen's fantastic performance here and those cool push-ups, not the girl push-ups, either:

So, what's so great about doing push-ups?

It's an overall body strengthener. And this one, simple exercise works multiple parts of the body at the same time. And it is considered a resistance exercise, which means you get muscle strength, as well as bone-building results.

We found some great information about push-ups from the webmd. website:

If you're thinking the push-up is the best upper body exercise, many fitness experts agree. But, personal trainer Jessica Bottesch tells WebMD, the push-up benefits many muscle groups body-wide.

"The primary movers [the major muscle groups that produce the motion of a push-up] are the chest and tricep. However, if you look at the form your body takes during the perfect push-up, you're typically suspended from your toes all the way to your neck, so in reality, every muscle between your shoulders and your toes is engaged," says Bottesch, co-owner of Empower Personal Training in Durham, N.C.

This includes the all important core muscles of the trunk, as well as the abdominals, legs and hips, she says.

To learn how to do the proper push-up, visit the webmd site here, and get some super tips:


marie said...

GReat article, Tania. Love Gwen. I do pushups every morning. They do work your entire body.

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