Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We And Demi Are Tweeting All About Teeth And Bright Smiles

If you haven't seen the un-retouched photos yet, here they are:

The always glam and ageless Demi Moore showing off a less than perfect smile over the Memorial Day weekend.

Yes, that is 46-year-old Demi in the dentist's chair. And we know that for a fact, because the actress tweeted all about it on Twitter to her adoring one-million-plus Twitter followers.

Demi told fans that she's "happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility."

TMI, or too much information? Maybe, and some people are chatting about the sexy, dark-haired Demi, saying she shouldn't have shown everyone her missing crown. But we kind of like it. The photos make Demi Moore appear more 'human' or accessible. It shows women, both young and old, that not everything in Hollywood is perfect.

Meantime, if your own teeth are looking dull, and you would love a bright, white smile, we have a whitening kit that can deliver the high wattage. And it was developed by a famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland.

We have interviewed Dr. Copeland twice at BeautyTipToday.com. She has talked about her skin care line and given wonderful face and body care tips.

Today, we are looking at her Dental Whitener kit ($99, http://www.drmichellecopeland.com/). It's designed to "brighten teeth three shades within seven days!"

Dr. Copeland's Dental Whitener kit comes with convenient 20 pre-filled disposable trays. And it features a mint-flavored 6% hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. This is the first whitening kit we know of, to offer the pre-filled disposable trays.

Developed by dentists and patented (3 patents)
Clinically tested
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 50% improvement in whiteness scores (statistically significant) or nearly 3 shades after just one week
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 71% had noticeable or very noticeable whitening after just one week
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 93% found the product easy or very easy to use after just one week

Whether your teeth are all real or beautifully lumineered, any smile that is white and bright, is what counts.

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