Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trainer David Kirsch Can Build You A Great Butt

We fell in love with fitness celebrity trainer David Kirsch, ever since we saw model Heidi Klum working out with him after one of her pregnancies. Heidi was trying to get back to supermodel shape. And boy, did she ever. And now we know why.

It's simple. It's because of David Kirsch. He's amazing and a sensible fitness expert.

And we recently caught him on TV, talking about building a great butt. Yeah, he's like a sculptor. David Kirsch claims he can take any butt: flat, big, small, fallen, and design you a perfect rear view.

And we believe him, because he has a great new manual on how to get a nicely shaped rear. It's called, The Butt Book. And it will soon be available at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

What we adore about this butt-how-to-manual, is its simplicity. David Kirsch says you don't need to use costly cardiovascular machines or clumsy strength-training devices.

Take a look at some of the cute illustrations from his new The Butt Book:

For more information, and to get your own round, firm butt, visit http://www.davidkirschwellness.com/.

1 comment:

mints said...

thanx for the scoop, j.
I will by this book, most definately.
Used to have a jlo butt and its headed south..lol