Monday, August 17, 2009

Kim K And Khloe Melt Fat With GNC's Quick Trim

The Kardashian sisters are doing it on the QT, so to speak. Kim and Khloe are on the new GNC Quick Trim program.

Khloe's proud to announce that she has melted 20 lbs. in 4 weeks! And now the youngest and tallest Kardashian sister has come clean to say, her very fast weight loss came about through the Quick Trim program. And Kim also is a user of QT. Both women are paid sponsors and can be seen here:

Caffeine appears to be the fat melting ingredient in GNC's Quick Trim program.

And Khloe says she used all 4 products in the QT weight loss line:

Celluslim sculpting gel
14-day Burn and Cleanse
48-hour Fast Cleanse
and Extreme Burn, an "8-hour weight loss formula that burns calories 300 percent times faster!"

So, is this a healthy way to melt fat away? Most experts would say no, and that the sound method of shedding pounds should equal only the loss of about 2 lbs. per week. That ensures a longer term weight loss.

We have to admit that both Kim and Khloe Kardashian look beautiful and fit. We aren't sure how hard Khloe works out, but we do know how serious Kim K is about exercise, since she has her own work-out videos.

These QT weight loss products aren't even out yet. You can prer-order at the website. In a few weeks, you will be able to buy them at your neighborhood GNC store.

How expensive is the QT program? We took a look at the 14-day Burn and Cleanse. That sells for $49.99. But there's a back-order at the moment.

It seems like anything the Kardashian sisters sell these days, is instant gold for them.


Anonymous said...

Both chicks will pork up again once they go off the QT diet. These diet plans are scams they don't really work.

usefull website said...

true story! Have you seen Kim now? She is so damn fat!