Friday, August 14, 2009

New DDF Line Adds Turmeric Spice To Skin Care Beauty

We are very intrigued by this new DDF skin care collection, and for the simple fact, that the spice turmeric is in the formula.

The line is called: DDF Advanced Protocol with Turmeric Complex.

Most of you are probably sitting there and saying, so what--- it's a spice used in Indian and south Asian cooking. Big deal.

However, science is discovering what ancient times have always known about this pungent, bright yellow-orange spice. It contains a lot of power. Turmeric is a strong anti-oxidant.

BeautyTipToday, has written about the beauty of Turmeric powder in a previous article. We learned the value of eating turmeric to protect against breast cancer and to re-vitalize skin.

"Turmeric powder is an anti-oxidant, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory-acting spice. It also has iron and potassium in it, and belongs to the ginger family.

Ayurvedic healers consider turmeric to be a varnya herb, which means, enhances your complexion. Its strong anti-bacterial properties fight pimples and breakouts. And many women lighten or even out their skintone with a paste containing turmeric powder.

Dr. Andrew Weil talked about the powerful, anti-cancer benefits of turmeric powder in an article at his website back in 2003:

"Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the yellow spice most familiar in Indian cooking and American-prepared mustard. Not only do I think that it is safe to take after breast cancer treatment, I think it would be helpful. The reason is that turmeric affects hormones that promote inflammation and cell proliferation, processes that seem to underlie most cancers."

And now DDF has made turmeric complex an important key to its skin care collection.

Let's look at one of these treatments:
DDF Advanced Protocol Firming Cream ($130, 1.7 oz, fine stores, and online at

Hydrates to measurably improve skin firmness.
The advanced formula contains a breakthrough Turmeric Complex to protect skin's surface from free radical damage and provide superior hydration to strengthen skin's moisture barrier.
DDF Advanced Firming Cream helps reverse the appearance of aging, instantly firming and tightening skin for a radiant, younger-looking complexion.

Neutralizes 82% of free radicals to minimize surface damage
Instantly firms and tightens
Fortifies skin's moisture barrier

It's a bit pricey, but it sounds like a promising advancement in anti-aging skin care.

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