Sunday, August 2, 2009

Priti Is As Pretty Does: Organic Without Chemicals

We have received personal emails in the past, begging us to do more stories that involve organic beauty. Organic skin care. Organic cosmetics. Etc.

So we began our search, and stumbled onto a pretty website called

As you can easily see, the photo depicts a very pretty woman. And Kim D'Amato is priti. This is her New York City company which also includes her organic spa, located on the Lower East Side.

And here is one of her many beautiful organic nail polishes. This one is a really lovely nude. A naked shade that works on every skin tone. If you want subtle and 'priti', try this shade, King Protea ($12.50,

And we all know what non-organic nail polish can do to our nails, besides ugly yellowing and sometimes, infection, and so forth.
Priti Polish is refreshing and safe and gentle, as suggested at Kim D'Amato's website:

Priti Polish, a private collection of nail polishes that are formulated without toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde -all known carcinogenic ingredients. With over 100 colors to choose from that are all safe for moms, mother's to be, and children as well.

The polishes are housed in a 12.6 ml. bottle that is completely recyclable. They are fast drying, chip resistant, non-yellowing, contains a UV inhibitor, and are super durable and glossy. All Priti Polishes are named after similar colored plants and flowers such as... Magic Man Iris, China Pink Tulip, White Ballet Dahlia, and Shirley Temple Peony, and of course, or new fav.....King Protea..

Priti also has a wonderful stock of Organic mud masks, Organic sugar scrubs, Organic soy polish remover, Organic hands and feet cream, etc.

We like Kim D'Amato's thinking. She's way ahead of her time.

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