Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jumping Rope Without A Rope: A Genius Product?

We've done a couple of BeautyTipToday articles on the value of jumping rope. And here's another. But this time, we are 'jumping rope without a rope.'

No. We haven't lost our mind. Maybe many of you have already been aware of JumpSnap.

So, what is it?

It sounds too good to be true, but if you aren't too co-ordinated when it comes to jumping with a real rope, this could be your answer.

Jumping rope is an excellent exercise. It is not expensive, and requires some room, but still, an economical way to burn calories, and quickly tone up the entire body, and get the heart rate up. And yeah, ladies.....jumping rope tones the triceps, the 'dingle-dangle' or underarm jiggle.

This brings us back to 'imaginary' jumping.

JumpSnap is a fitness gadget that is computerized. Just enter your height and weight and the computer will coach you through a workout. JumpSnap counts calories, exercise time and alerts you when you’ve reached your exercise time or number of jumps goal. How cool is that! Plus, there's no rope, so you can't trip over it. Ha!

And the JumpSnap is selling right now for $49.95, The JumpSnap kit includes two handles with a built-in computer, three interchangeable weights for each handle, two DVDs and a handy mesh carrying bag. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why is jumping rope good for your body?

The stats show: Jumping at mod. speed (btw. 70-85 turns a min.) for 15 minutes, burns about 200 cals. Same amount as running a 10-minute mile. You also receive a total body workout. Jumping utilizes almost every major muscle group. Streamlines the upper body + trims fat away on arms (triceps).

Whether it's an $8 rope from WalMart or the ropeless JumpSnap, get your body moving! Jumping rope is great for everybody.

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