Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrap Yourself Up In Scarves And Pashmina For Fall 2009 Beauty

We admit. We often look to glamorous celebrities to give us a heads up on fashion trends and style.
Today, we're wrapping ourselves in colorful scarves and pashminas.

And many of us really enjoy when an attractive celeb is working the casual look, and not the red carpet.


Because that is when we get to observe celebrity style that is not over the top. We see glam women like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashian, and others wearing clothes we often appear in.....a white tee shirt, jeans, camisole, cardigan, etc.

For Fall 2009 beauty, why not wrap yourself up in an easy, yet stylish scarf or pashmina wrap?

A scarf or wrap is an instant wardrobe boost. And these simple, beautiful accessories never go out of style.

The pashmina wrap, a baby soft cashmere fabric, is a favorite of celebrities, and comes in a rainbow of bright, eye-popping shades. Look at the hot pink pashmina in the photo. We found this one for Only $8.99!! At Scarf_tradinginc Storefront

You can find pretty scarves and wraps in stores everywhere and online, too. Shopping sites like and sell beauties to wrap up in for Fall 2009 at low prices.

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Unknown said...

Pashmina cashmere scarflook trendy and become popular amongst both women and men. Scarf give natural, elegant look when wear neck and arms area.