Saturday, August 1, 2009

How To Wash Out Brassy Over-Processed Hair Color

We have a number of friends and acquaintances with a similar summer hair problem:

Brassy hair color!!!

We are no hair diva. Trust us. We have had our own share of hair traumas. But always remember, when you color hair darker, you can hide a multitude of mistakes. When you start lightening up strands, problems kick in. Or when you perm, over-color, get too much sun, over-heat or blow-dry, the brassies start showing up.

Even pretty celebrities end up with brassy hair. It happens to the best of them. Like lovely Drew Barrymore. Stylists have been knocking her brassy locks, for a few months now. We still find Drew to be looking glam and sexy.

And how about Eva Longoria? She rarely has a bad hair day. But famous stylist Louis Licari, gave the Latin beauty the big thumbs down in the color department with a brassy look last year.(See photo above)

But we have found a simple, quick, and what appears to be, a great method to say 'bye-bye' to brassy hair color.

We found this beauty on a budget tip in the pages of InStyle magazine's annual Makeover issue, '50 Best Beauty Tips of all Time.'

All you need is one packet of Grape Kool-Aid Powder:

1. Wash hair with a mixture of the Grape Kool-Aid powder (just a pinch) and 4 Tablespoons of your regular shampoo. Rinse. Style as you always do.

2. The purple blue cancels out the brassy gold orange over-processed shades because it is on the opposite side of the color spectrum.

There you have it. Does this Kool-Aid beauty tip really work? Well, according to N.Y.C. stylist Tippi Shorter, it sure does.

You have nothing to lose. Just a pinch of Grape Kool-Aid Powder would be quite gentle on your hair.


Sam5 said...

I really want to try this. My hairs gone bad with brassy red orange color from hgihlighting. But Im afraid this will turn my hair purple. Please tell me it won't!!

Anonymous said...

I have orange stripes in my front hair. Kind of embarasing. Way too much perming. I'm going to try this KoolAid trick.

Anonymous said...

How many times should you do this... Once a day... once a week... once a month?

J. Tania said...

Good question. Hopefully, once shld do the trick. The stylist didn't indicate.

Let's put it this way, Kool-Aid is not harmful, so try it once and see if it works and see how long it lasts.

Sonya said...

I just tried this after reading about it in a magazine. My hair is both colored and highlighted and had become very overbleached by the sun. After researching a few websites, I was a little nervous that my hair would turn out purple. So, I followed the directions and only used a pinch. I'm not sure I noticed a big difference, but it might be a bit toned down. I'll say this - it certainly didn't hurt, and I'd try it again. And it smells great!

Shelia said...

I just tried this, and it does tone down the brassy/redness. I have a natural light golden brown hair color. My daughter and I washed in a temporary black and red (just for fun). I have an interview on Tuesday so I decided to go back to a professional look. This was only temporary anyway. Well, it wasn't washing out! So, I bought Color Zap (Sally's Beauty Salon) OMG! This took MOST of the color from all my hair except the red/orange/pink tones! I was horrified! So, I dyed my hair light golden blonde (thinking brown would over-do it), it turned strawberry blonde but the "strawberry" is a bit bold right now. So, I have 2 packs of Beautiful Grape Kool Aid in the kitchen! YAY! I put a little of my regular shampoo in my wet hair to even it out so that when I put the kool-aid in, it wouldn't "Spot" my hair. Ok, Then I put a Tablespoon amount of shampoo in my hand and sprinkled a good coating of Grape Kool Aid over the shampoo. I mixed it well in my hands, it turned a purpleish blue color and I blended it in my hair. Then rinsed. I re-peated did this twice and there is a noticeable difference. I'm happier now. :)

jennifer said...

i just bleached my hair and going to dye it golden blonde tomorrow. i want to try this cuz i don't want a yellow or brassy tone. so please tell me does this work. i don't want purple hair

Anonymous said...

I mixed a whole packet with a new bottle of my favorite shampoo. It tones down the gold in my light ash blonde highlights! Great tip!

Anonymous said...

What will the Grape KoolAid do to the gray/silver hair that is mixed in with the brassiness hair?

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