Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cellulite Cure In A Pill Three Times A Day...Is It Possible?

Cellulite. You know, the dimpled fat that shows up on women's thighs, butts, and even arms and stomach.

Well, we've had this discussion before, and the facts are very simple:

You can never get rid of cellulite permanently. BUT----you can halt its further progression. And you can reduce its appearance.
So then, that would mean, that we can stop cellulite from getting worse. And we can smooth our skin and make it look firmer and less bumpy.

Okay, then what is CelluScience? Apparently, Europe's hottest anti-cellulite formula. And yes, it is a cellulite pill. Pop it 3x a day, and within 47 days, you, too, will see cellulite reduction. 94% of the women participating did.

How could that be? Could CelluScience actually make your dimpled fat look better? According to the makers of CelluScience, five international, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled published clinical trials "prove that this dietary supplement reduces cellulite." A 3-month supply costs $207.99. Not cheap, but if it really works, as they say, 'priceless!'

At least the CelluScience people didn't claim to wipe out cellulite permanently. So we are intrigued by what they are promising. And what we found remarkable, was that during these clinical trials, women were told not to change their diet or exercise routines. And they still reported seeing a reduction of their cellulite. This is what the cellulite pill does:

• Promote healthy cell metabolism
• Deliver potent anti-oxidants
• Maintain micro-circulation inside
• For smooth, sexy skin outside

You can buy CelluScience Anti-Cellulite Beaute Intensive by Santica Research Labs at GNC stores or online at CelluScience.

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