Friday, March 19, 2010

Liz Taylor Debuts New Fragrance 'Violet Eyes' And Twitter Fans Agree

Violet Eyes.
Most people on the planet know who those stunning eyes belong to. Especially those who 'follow' Elizabeth Taylor on Twitter.

We say, never underestimate the power of social networking. Back in May of 2009, the grand dame herself, asked her many, many Twitter followers, millions, that is, to help the legendary actress decide on the name of her new fragrance to be launched in 2010.

Elizabeth Arden, the famous beauty company debuting the new fragrance for Miss Taylor, was sold on the name, Violet Eyes, as were we. But the humble Hollywood legend felt that was a bit show-off-y, and told her Twitter fans, that Follow Me, was a more appropriate name for her new perfume. Apparently, Twitter knows best, and the fragrance has recently been launched as Violet Eyes.

As you can see by her Twitter response and those of her faithful followers, 'Violet Eyes,' belongs to only one great woman. And those eyes are so beautiful. Heck, it's been 20 years, since the Academy Award winner gave the world her White Diamonds fragrance. It's about time, she adorned us all with a new signature scent.

Violet Eyes is a fruity floral, and it sounds yummy on paper. Here's the rundown from Elizabeth Arden:
Top Note: The Ingénue. This fresh scent of Lush White Peach bursts onto the scene, causes a stir and leaves you wanting more.
Mid Notes: The Star. Voluptuous Jasmine Flower and Rich Purple Rose create an unforgettable aura.
Dry Down: The Icon. Delicate Violet Peony, Cedar Wood and Warm Amber are long lasting and memorable.

For more information on Violet Eyes, visit Elizabeth Arden.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Taylor had one of the most beautiful faces back in the day. Such classic beauty! I'm old, so I remember. We all wanted to look like her, and of courdse, those eyes of hers!!

Anonymous said...

I was happy to vote for 'Violet Eyes' on Twitter. Super name for a super actress. Miss old Hollywood(sigh)

Kat said...

I think her violet eyes are great!
Liz Taylor Eyes Violet