Sunday, March 21, 2010

Face-Lift In A Jar Works Says Jennifer Flavin-Stallone

Face-lift in a jar? Is it really possible??!!
To be honest, you can come least temporarily, but only a skilled plastic surgeon cutting away excess sagging skin, can really achieve a much younger look.

However, who wants to spend the thousands of $$$ for surgery and weeks of downtime, and the real possibility you might end up not liking the results of the surgery.

Well, we've got a high tech beauty mask for you. All we need is just 3 minutes of your time. Yes, 3 minutes, says the wife of hunky Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone. And $49.95.

Firma-Face XR by Serious Skin Care is a 3-step application to "younger, smoother-looking skin."

The firming mask works by penetrating deeply into the skin and firming from the inside out. In other words, the formula does not just sit on top of the skin. It works below, according to the website at Serious Skin Care.

We like that the entire process is very simple and only requires 3 minutes of your time. Just apply a smooth, even coat of Firma-Face XR after cleansing and drying face. Wait for the 3 minutes. Then splash face with cool water. Dry. And apply mositurizer and makeup, and go on with your day.

Firma-Face XR has been clinically proven to work and deliver these results:
Skin looked firmer, tighter, smoother and younger.
Lines and wrinkles appeared dramatically reduced.
Eyes looked more open and awake
What's in this face-lift in a jar? A bit of caffeine, and two high tech beauty ingredients: GABA and aminopropane sulfonic acid. The two act to lift and firm, and smooth over wrinkles. Well, maybe for a few hours, at least.

No, we haven't tried it. But just remember...a face-lift in a jar might exist, but it's only temporary. Having said that, if a beauty product can actually lift and firm for several hours, then we think it could prove to be an important weapon in the war on aging skin.

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AlleyP said...

Hi..just saw ur tweet and thought i'd respond. This mask by Jennifer Flavine does NOT WORK!!!!!
I bought it on HSN and I got fooled.Sure it tightens while u have the mask on but once u wash it all off-the firmness disappears.Its B.S. Please I'm warning all your readers here to skip this crappy product!