Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Get A Beautiful Firm Round Butt In A Box By Bremenn Labs

Butt Lift in a Box.

We kid you not. That is the name of a new beauty body product by Bremenn Research Labs. The same folks who brought you popular Hylexin for serious, dark undereye circles and Lumedia for brightening skin tone.

It's a 3-step system that will, er, 're-model your rump.' Inside the box, for $99, you receive:

• Plumping Catalyst, 4 oz.
• Lifting and Firming Emulsion, 4oz.
• Exercise Booklet • Exercise Band

Victoria's Secret, Dillard's, and Sephora, are just three out of many popular places, where we found this butt lifter.
So, what's in the ingredients? Skin smoothers like peptide-based topical creams. These formulas help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and provide a firming look to the rear, at least temporarily.

Does it work other words....can you 'create' a killer butt with Butt in a Box?

Well, we couldn't find any customer reviews anywhere. So we will be watching, from behind, so to speak. But let's be honest.....we are a country that is obsessed with a firm round butt! Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian. Need we say more?!

This is how Bremenn Reasearch Labs explains the reason for developing their Butt Lift in a Box:

"Over time, our bottoms are assaulted by a combination of skin flaccidity, loss of muscle tone, and the redistribution of fat in the underlying tissue matrix. Surgery can help by removing excess skin to lift sagging buns or by plumping up a deflated rear end with buttock-rounding implants."

Bremenn Labs' product claims to deliver:

"This amazing Butt-Lifting Kit not only helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it restores a youthful, head-turning roundness as it "plumps up" even the saggiest of rear ends."

By the way, Bremenn Reasearch Labs has also introduced 2 more new beauty body products: Boob Job in a Box and Tummy Tuck in a Box. For real.


Anonymous said...

ROFLMBFAO= rolling on floor laughing my big fat ass off!!!
That made my day.Poeple cant be that serious to actually buy this thing could they?

Anonymous said...

ROFLMBFAO=rolling on floor laughing my BIG FAT ass off!!
Who would buy such a bunch of B.S. in a box???

Anonymous said...

Don't buy crap like that. If ya have a big ass, enjoy it. I do!!

Barbb said...

I need all 3!

clenbuterol said...

I've tried so many things and nothing helped! How can you convince
me this thing will work? You can't.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tried it...then don't knock it...I tried it and within 2 weeks people around me noticed the difference and i have been receiving compliments ever bum got plumper and firmer and i will def use this product until i use it all up...their products are good so idk why people are trying to knock them down because they are doing something new. I use other product from them as well and have seen paying stupid surgical fees and looking like frakenstine for a week!

Anonymous said...

I haven't used this product but I have used their Emergency Zit Stick and Hylexin for dark under eye circles. I will admit while I have had persistent acne (aka one or two spots every couple of weeks) and dark circles (aka a slight bluish-grey under my eyes) it's never been 'sever', I stumbled on both products in a store at the mall that was having a 20% off your entire purchase sale and thought 'eh, why not?' I had a big formal party to go to the next night and three spots on my face. I used the zit stick and no joke one hour later I saw a HUGE difference, by the next evening with a little powder you'd never even know I'd had the spots. I'm not saying this garentees that all their products work, but considering I've NEVER had something work this well or fast I'm willing to give this company a little more credit with normally far fetched products. I wont be running out for the 'in a box' series any time soon, but I may just get tempted a month before swimsuit season. After all, with a full money back guarantee (and a LEGIT working customer service line! holy shit was I impressed when I found that) and so far an surprisingly good track record what could it hurt?