Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Wear White Eye Shadow Because It's Snow Hot In 2010

This ain't your momma's white eye shadow, but the results are the same. Wearing a little bit of white along the eyes, can make them 'pop' and look instantly refreshed! And this is another hot trend, or shall we say, snow hot look for 2010!

The white eye makeup first showed up on the runways, where all fashion and beauty emerge. White was used to accent the brows, or to softly accentuate the eyes. And it was featured more graphically as white eyeliner, too. See the top photo.

It's not always an easy look to pull off, but you can transform your eyes from soft to edgy in a matter of seconds. It can take a bit of practice if you layer the look with black eye liner.

Celebrities have been wearing this snow hot trend since January....women like Rihanna, Whitney Port, Pink, Portia Doubleday, Jennifer Hudson, to name a few.

Of course, Rihanna has been rocking a harder edge to the white eye shadow, as you can see in photo 3. We think she looks gorgeous, and she's never afraid to take makeup to the next daring level. We also have to remember that famous women like Rihanna, have super makeup artists to create their beautiful looks.

Mylah Morales, who does Rihanna's makeup, told Us Weekly that, "Cream shadow is best. Using a wet brush, apply to each lid up to the brow bone and gently line under eyes."

We like photo 2, which shows a close-up of Portia Doubleday's pretty bllue eyes rockin' the white shadow. We like her look the best, because it is soft and more natural-looking. And yeah, her eyes really 'pop' with just a carefully smudged bit of shadow.

There are tons of white eye shadows out there, ladies, but we found you two from the best in the makeup business:

1. MAC eye shadow in Frost ($32). Has a lovely, icy shimmer.
2. NARS eye shadow in Night Snow ($23). Sheer white with a delicate silver glitter.

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whodat1 said...

I'm really liking this white shadow look but I'm still afraid to attempt it/maybe if I leave it barely there and soft like photo2 of Portia.