Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To Get Work-Out Clothes And Shoes Smelling Fresh Again With Just A Spritz

Sweaty work-out clothes aren't pretty. And for those of you who hit the gym or take your exercising into the great outdoors, then you know what we mean. That's why we are looking at a new product that battles the bad odors.

It's called the Febreeze Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator. Great name for a useful product. And you can pick up a bottle in your neighborhood grocery store for about $5. And it comes in two uni-sex scents: Fresh & clean. Active Fresh.

We think it's a smart idea. You can spritz Febreeze Sport in all your running shoes, gym bags, on unwashable equipment, and even on your work-out clothes. If you believe the fine print, then you can bet the stuff works. Febreeze's special 'X-Sweat technology' is able to zoom in and zap stubborn and smelly tough sport odors. And of course, a powder fresh and clean scent will follow you around.

Even if you don't sweat, ladies, you might know someone who leaves his smelly sneakers sitting around. And you could always douse them with a very strong blast or two. Get rid of that locker room smell, and play hard!

Visit Febreeze Sport for more information.

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