Friday, March 12, 2010

New Website: LockandMane All About Hair Hair Hair

Ladies, if you want to visit a friendly place that talks only about hair, hair, and only hair, then try this new website called Lock & Mane.

As the website likes to say: Indulge, rinse, repeat. has only been up for a few months now, and already, it's a very popular site at which to, 'let your hair down.' InStyle magazine also named LockandMane one of their Best of the Web sites.

You will find luxury hair accessories and hair products for women, that are approved by NYC celebrity dermatologist Michael Lorin Reed, an expert in hair and scalp health.

At the website's 'About Lock & Mane page,' the products listed, aren't just thrown out there to make a fast buck:

"We firmly believe in every product we sell at Lock & Mane. We believe in them, because we use them ourselves. Every shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, blow dryer, hair clip and curler in our inventory has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our team to ensure that we only offer the best.

In addition to being your destination for luxury hair products, we are your resource for all things hair. We know that everyone is different: Some of us have dry hair, others damaged. Some of us live with frizz and others (both men and women) suffer from thinning hair. It’s why we’ve ‘taken to the field,’ talking with medical and salon professionals to find out what products they value the most. We get the scoop on which over-the-counter products they recommend and bring those products to you."

There are hair vitamins and herbs at And there are products for just about every hair challenge out there....from dandruff to nourishing hair masks to oils to damaged strands to fine/thinning hair. Trust us. You can find the solution there.

And talk about hair accessories, these products are so beautiful. From casual barrettes to silky headbands to elegant crystal tiaras, some of the loveliest hair adornments we've seen.

They say, "It's all about the hair." And often times, it is, because when a woman's hair looks good, she feels good.

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