Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Simon Cowell's Idol Mezhgan And Her Me Makeup Line

Her name is Mezhgan Hussainy and her popular makeup line is called Me. And she just happens to be Simon Cowell's 'idol.'

Okay, maybe we're being corny here, but American Idol's Simon Cowell is quite smitten with the 36-year-old Afghan beauty. In fact, Simon introduced the world to his fiance last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Of course, Simon was coy and playful and didn't exactly indicate when he would marry his Idol makeup artist. But it's nice to see a happy celebrity couple.

Mezhgan, pronounced 'Mish-gone,' knows a lot about makeup. She is the makeup artist to Idol judges Simon and Randy Jackson, and has used her talent to create beautiful faces on contestant after contestant on the hit show. She joined American Idol on Season 2, and has been there ever since.

Adam Lambert, who won't go anywhere without his fab eyeliner, raves about Mezhgan's Me makeup line.
"He loves it because it doesn’t smudge," she says. "He’s always talking about it on red carpets. I should give him a lifetime supply."

Mezhgan has a very interesting and brave background. Her family escaped from Afghanistan in 1979 and later settled in Los Angeles, where Mezhgan did some modeling, and started going to dental school. And then, eventually ended up with a super career as a makeup artist, as she tells the

"The irony for me is that, in my country, once the Taliban took over, women couldn’t even show their face or put on makeup," Mezhgan says. "And here I was doing exactly that on the No. 1 show. I realized how important that was; [Makeup] is part of being a woman, and it does give you self-assurance and confidence. In a way, you’re ready to conquer the world."

You can take a look at her Me makeup line here. There are lots of products designed for face, eyes, lips, and cheeks, and a nice assortment of makeup bushes. We especially like Me's variety of undereye concealers and bronzers.

When you think about it, Mezhgan Hussainy is the face of Idol.

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