Monday, March 22, 2010

Do You Like Jennifer Love Hewitt's New Breakup Bob?!

Breakup Bob. That's what People magazine is calling Jennifer Love Hewitt's new haircut. Do you like it? We do.

The 31-year-old Ghost Whisperer actress recently broke up with longtime love Jamie Kennedy, and if you believe therapy theories about chopping off hair after a love split, well, maybe there's some truth to it.

Remember this:...I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair...." This time, Jennifer Love Hewitt is actually cutting that man loose from her hair. And let's be frank here. Most of the hair Jennifer had cut were really long hair extensions. And we're pleased that she's gone back to her natural, darker hair color, too.

We are tired of seeing all these Hollywood beauties with the same cookie cutter, super long and wavy hair extensions. Enough! We wish the Kardashian sisters would all chop off a few inches from their really long hairstyles and try something new. Same with Gisele Bundchen. Denise Richards. Jessica Simpson.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's bob is actually a LOB, or a grown out bob with long layers. And that is a hot look right now. She was photographed outside her Brentwood, California home over the weekend.

Does a short haircut cure a heartbreak? Who knows. Jennifer seems to have taken the high road, when talking about her ex:

"It was a mutual decision and we've parted as friends. There's no anger, there's no upset, there's no enemies."

"It's been totally fine. It's really a testament to who he is and to who I am. We're both grown-ups."